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Are you ready to get Free traffic and earn some serious cash? TrafficBuddy.Biz is very simple and it works like this:

When you fill out the form below, you'll be given a referral url which links to a page just like this one. However, on this page your ad will be listed in the number one position on the list of 6 ads below.  All you have to do is advertise your page.

Now, let's say Jim sees your page and decides to submit his ad. Jim's ad will appear in the #1 position on his page and your ad will shift down to the #2 position on Jim's page.

Now, let's say Jim signs up Carol. Carol's ad will be in the #1 position on her page, Jim's ad will shift down to the #2 position and your ad will shift down to the #3 position on Carol's page.

This procedure continues for a total of 6 generations and then your ad will no longer be displayed on the pages created from the sixth person in the chain.

This example is based on you referring just one member. However there is no limit to the number of new members you can refer. Just check out the chart below to see what happens if you refer 10 people and those 10 people refer 10 people, etc? Your ad could be exposed to tens of thousands of potential buyers and new signups in the program you are promoting.

  10 people join under you 1x10 Your ad is now on 10 sites
  10 people join under each of them 10x10 Your ad is now on 100 sites
  10 people join under each of them 10x10x10 Your ad is now on 1,000 sites
  10 people join under each of them 10x10x10x10 Your ad is now on 10,000 sites
  10 people join under each of them 10x10x10x10x10 Your ad is now on 100,000 sites
  10 people join under each of them 10x10x10x10x10x10 Your ad is now on 1 Million sites
Total sites promoting your ad ==>> 1,111,110

Now realistically, you probably won't get your ad on 1 Million sites, but since this is a free program it is quite realistic that you could get your ad on 10,000 sites. Imagine 10,000 people promoting their page with your link on it. How many sales could you make? How many sign-ups could you get?

Now That We've Explained How To Get FREE Traffic
Here's How You Make Money

We offer 2 types of memberships.

FREE: As a Free Member you get the free traffic as outlined above. Free members can also earn $10.00 commissions when people they refer upgrade their membership.

PRO: There is a one time fee of $29.95 US to become a Pro Member. As a Pro you qualify for additional advertising benefits. You also qualify for double commissions. (Click "Pay Plan" above to see how the pay plan works.)

So if you are ready for some serious traffic and some serious cash, sign up for a free account below. In your member's area, you'll be able to see the exact number of sites that are promoting your ads, the number of times your ad has been clicked on and the total number of PRO and FREE direct referrals in your downline. You can also change your ad at anytime. So Join Now by submitting the form below!

Let's Get Started! Just Click On Any One Of The Member Ads Below And Wait 15 Seconds For The Notice In The Upper Left Hand Corner.  Then Submit The Form Below.  Be Sure To Click the Box Indicating That You Have Read The Terms. 

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