Get Paid to Give Away Free Website Traffic


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I really get traffic to my website and earn commissions without spending any money?
A: Absolutely!  It won't happen over night but if you give away free sites to people who do the same you can get free traffic to your website. If some of those people upgrade their account you can earn $10 for each if you are a free member and $20 if you are an upgraded member.

Q: Why should I promote a page that has 5 ads that belong to other people?
A: This is what makes the whole system work. Remember, every person that signs up from your page and people that signup on their page etc. for 6 generations will be advertising your link and it won't cost you anything. You just need to "Prime the pump" (so to speak) in order to get things rolling.

Q: Once I start earning commissions when do I get paid?
A: All commissions are held in your account. Once you have earned $20.00 you can request a payment.

Q: How do I receive my commissions?
A: Your commissions can be sent to your Pay Pal account or your Payza account. If you have a NetSpend Debit card, we can load your commissions on your card.  If you do not have a card you can get one for FREE along with a $20.00 Bonus by logging into your member account and clicking on the link at the bottom of the menu.

Q: Why does the commission on my 2nd and 4th upgraded member go to my upline?
A: This feature is what makes it possible for you to earn unlimited commissions.  Your 1st, 3rd 5th and all additional upgrades must pass up the commissions on their 2nd and 4th upgraded to you. And those people have to do the same as do those people, etc for an unlimited number of levels.  Click the Pay Plan button above for all the details..

Q: How should I promote TrafficBuddy.Biz?
A: We recommend that you send personal emails to your personally sponsored members and then encourage them to do the same. If you have a blog or newsletter you can feature links and banners there. You can also run ads and banners in traffic exchanges.

Q: Once I upgrade, how soon will I start receiving the 5,000 visitors that upgraded members receive?
A: You should start seeing traffic within a few days.

Q: If I have a question that is not covered here how can I contact you?
A: Just click on the "Contact" button at the top of the page.